ADTTA Fundraising Tournament “One Spin for Nepal” Updated list of participants as of May 6, 2015 / Time 12:40am


Updated list of participants as of May 4, 2015 / Time 12:40am!
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Deadline of registration is only until May 12,2015, at 6PM Dubai Time

ADTTA – Affiliation of Dynamic Table Tennis Athletes Fundraising Tournament (One Spin for NEPAL)
Venue : Al Shabab Club Dubai U.A.E.
Date: May 15, 2015 / Time: 8:00 AM Warm-up / 9:00AM Game Time
Class A

1. Jose Mangaran – Sharjah
2. Ronald Bunag – Dubai
3. Hamed Abedi – Dubai
4. Alkhalil Ahmed – Oman
5. Kamal Muludi – Abu Dhabi
6. Mohammed Abbas – Bahrain
7. Anwar Maki – Bahrain
8. Hassan Abdulraheem – Bahrain
9. Oliver Fernandes – Dubai
10. Jaycee Buccuan – Dubai
11. Vinith Nair – Abu Dhabi
12. Gideon Acupan – Abu Dhabi
13. Sameera Rathnayake – Dubai
14. Harman Sabharwal – Sharjah
15. Srijith bhaskaran – Abu Dhabi

Class B+

1. Noman Hadi – Abu Dhabi
2. Prince Arante – Abu Dhabi
3. Paul Stan – Abu Dhabi
4. Bon Fran – Dubai
5. Gideon Acupan – Abu Dhabi
6. Humiad Al Suwaidi – Abu Dhabi
7. Oliver Fernandes – Dubai
8. Keith Anthonie Discher – Sharjah
9. Ahlam Adel – Sharjah
10. Majd Alblooshi – Sharjah
11. Alex Genstrom – Dubai
12. Joe He – Abu Dhabi
13. Harman Sabharwal – Sharjah

Class B

1. Lynx Fran – Dubai
2. Vivian Sicat – Abu Dhabi
3. Aaditya Singh – Dubai
4. Vhen Halili – Dubai
5. Joel Oller – Abu Dhabi
6. Roy Arcilla – Abu Dhabi
7. Jazz Ball – Bahrain
8. Jonathan Albacete – Abu Dhabi
9. Rajan Varma – Abu Dhabi
10. Lester Andrew Javier Jonson – Dubai
11. Bernie Flores – Dubai
12. Theola Johnes- Sharjah
13. Ananya Shankar – Dubai
14. Aishwarya Chockalingam – Sharjah
15. Sureshkumar Pillai- Sharjah
16. nandana mukundan- Sharjah
17. Christy Joseph- Sharjah
18. Nada Kaysi- Abu Dhabi
19. Noura Hassan- Sharjah
20. Reem Adel- Sharjah

Class C

1. Nicoleta Profir – Abu Dhabi
2. Aena Martina Marcelino – Philippines
4. Marglolyn Abalos – Abu Dhabi
5. Meenakshi Manoj – Sharjah
6. Gohar Zaman – Abu Dhabi
7. Gayatri Janardhan – Sharjah
8. Liezl Banares – Dubai
9. Naimisha Girish- Sharjah
10. Mithila Tamilselvan – Sharjah
11. Dhiren Monish – Sharjah
12. Roberto Templo – Sharjah
13. Malvika Dinesh – Sharjah
14. Hanan Abdala – Sharjah

KIds Under 15 (Open)

1. Aena Martina Marcelino – Philippines
2. Aaditya Singh – Dubai
3. Gayatri Janardhan – Sharjah
4. Naimisha Girish- Sharjah
5. Theola Johnes- Sharjah
6. Ananya Shankar – Dubai
7. Aishwarya Chockalingam – Sharjah
8. Christy Joseph – Sharjah
9. Shahad Hussam – Sharjah
10. Hadir Ibrahim – Sharjah
11. Bashair Kamal – Sharjah
12. Engy Ibrahim Shady – Sharjah


1. The Tournament will be played in mixed gender, singles event under the following categories:
Class A – (Professional)
Class B+ – (Semi Professional)
Class B – (Intermediate)
Class C – (Beginners)
Kids Under 15 – (Open)

2. All interested participants must register online @ and fill in all the required details. Participants are encourage to declare their skill level with utmost honesty and sportsmanlike intention. First time participants to any ADTTA sponsored tournaments will be subjected to screening to validate their declared skill level. The ADTTA Committee reserves the right to scrutinize and/or deny entries of participants not declaring appropriate skill level.

3. Deadline of registration is only until May 12,2015, at 6PM Dubai time.

4. All participants are encouraged to pay the registration fee of AED 100 ADTTA Official collecting staff listed below.
Abu Dhabi: NicoletaProfir (0508254675) at Al Jazira Sports Club
Dubai: Dondon Banares (0566658764)

5. The draw date to determine the player’s respective number order will be held on May 13, 2015 at Millennium Avenue Dubai UAE. The draw will be duly administered by the ADTTA Official Tournament Committee under video coverage to be posted to the ADTTA webpage ( before the actual tournament date. Players or their representatives are encourage to witness the draw firsthand. All participants are given the assurance and guarantee that the draw procedures will be administered openly and fairly with topmost sincerity and honesty to all.

6. The tournament per category will start on a Group Stage – Round Robin System consisting of 4-5 players subjective to the actual number of participants per category. All the players listed in the same group will alternate places in umpiring the routine games in their group to facilitate a faster and smoother run. Two players will play while the other players awaiting their turn to play will act as the First Umpire and as the scorer respectively. The Top 2 players in their respective groups will advance to the Knockout Stage.

7. The Group Stage will be played in the best of 3games.
The Knockout stage & Semi Finals matches on all categories will be played in the best of 5 games.

8. In the Knockout Stage, the winner of the previous game will umpire the next game on the same table assignment. Players who will conduct as the umpire for the next game are encouraged to conduct his/her duty in a fair and honest objective. Any dispute that will stem during the game will be resolved by the ADTTA Official Tournament Committee.

9. In the event when there will be a simple tie in the Group Stage, the rule of Win over the Other will be used. If there are more than one tie, the point system method will be used. The number of sets won less the number or sets lost will be the deciding factor.

10. All rules are subject to change and or sudden upgrade by the committee as per situation occurs.
In the event when disputes over the rules arise, the decision of the ADTTA Official Tournament Committee will be considered as final. This tournament encourages friendship and sportsmanship to all. All players are requested to show utmost cooperation and camaraderie to each and everyone. A spirit of fellowship and trust existing between all the table tennis communities should be the highlight of this tournament.

11. All other basic rules not covered in this regulation are based on the ITTF rules.


1. All players are requested to show up on time and dressed accordingly. The ADTTA Official Tournament Committee reserves the right and discretion to call a default to a player who hasn’t shown up under reasonable grace period.

2. All players are advised to provide their own racket.

3. Players and their supporters are requested to minimize unnecessary noise, movements and stir that could cause unpleasant interruptions to the playing individuals.

4. Everyone is encouraged to keep the vicinity clean and to avoid scattering of rubbishes. Trash boxes and plastic bags are provided at their respective places for your convenience and sanitary purposes.

5. Players and their supporters are advised not to use any flash lights or any light instruments that could hamper the visual effectiveness of the players during game situations. Mobile phones and audio devices other than the ones sanctioned by the tournament committee are to be kept on silent or to the lowest possible volume in order not to cause any distractions.

6. For inquiries during the tournament, please proceed to the Table Committee.


By: ADTTA Management

For More Info:

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President of ADTTA Table Tennis Abu Dhabi
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Nicoleta Profir
ADTTA Tournament Director
Mobile: 056 4632524

Martin Dohnal
Head Coach ADTTA
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