World Alzheimer Day 2015 @ Dubai Festival City Mall September 11-12, 2015


Attention to all Pongers:

Today is the last day of registration September 8, 2015, 6:00pm Dubai time.
To who are already registered but your name was not on the list of participants you can register again or you can call Vivian – 055 8981428 & Lester – 050 3791512.

To those who are not yet registered, you can still register thru website

Here is the Updated list of participants:
ADULT: 18 years old and above

2. Ahlam Adel
3. Ahlam Azhar
4. Ahmad Hashem
5. Ahmed Hussein
6. Akhila Pereira
7. Al Areniego
8. Anthone Basallote
9. Anthony Obaob
10. Anwar Al-Balushi
11. Aqeel Ahmed
12. Bako Ghaleb
13. Benjo cape
14. Bernie Flores
15. Beverlyn Alvarez
17. Bombie Balisi
18. Cary Pobre
19. Castjc Grey
20. Cris jayson igne
21. Cristopher Ramirez
22. Desiree Vlekken
24. Edzel pagdanganan
25. Elmer Rivera
26. Eugene Narvasa
27. Eugene Dulay
28. Flo-an Guanco
29. Gem Palomar
30. Gohar Zaman
31. JC Perdido
32. JC Sogueco
33. Jevgenij Sege
34. Joe Estephan
35. Joel Acosta
36. Joel oller
37. John perry Rovillos
38. John Philip Centina
39. Jose Mangaran
40. Keith anthonie Discher
41. Khalid Albalooshi
42. Kishore kumar
43. Krish Roopchand
44. Lester Jonson
45. Marglolyn abalos
46. Maria theresa hernandez
47. Mohammed Hashmi
48. Mouhamad Bannout
49. Mouhannad Ghannam
50. Norsky Bongat
51. Patrick Ralph Camaya
52. Prince Arante Angob
53. Rahul Mana
54. Rajesh Bhattarai
55. Samay Mishra
56. Shravan Dubey
57. Sunil Jacob
58. theresa lacdan
59. Umesh Kain
60. Vhen halili
61. Victor Garcia
63. Zaitoh Nakarin

VETERAN: 45 years old and above

1. Graham Hitch
2. Jun David
3. Kamal Muludi
4. Max Iwan Setiawan
5. Muludi Kamal
6. Oliver Fernandez
7. Othello Borromeo
8. Renato SIlla
9. Rene Morales
10. Rex Bolivar
1.2 Roberto Veluz
13. Safeya abugbal
14. Saleh Al Wahedi
1.5 Shankar Sundararajan
16. Victor Detaro

MINOR: 17 years old and below

1. Aaditya Singh
2. Abdulla Al Wahedi
4. Ali Eldemerdash
5. Altherenz Bautista
6. Ananya Shankar
7. Asma Ibrahim
8. Bashair Kamal
9. Charbel Estephan
10. christy joseph
11. Daniel Sunil
12. Dave Lacsa
14. Diya Thakkar
15. Elie Estephan
16. Engy Ibrahim
17. Faizan Sadiq
18. Jaylane Ibrahim
19. Julie Torres
20. Mohammed Al Wahedi
22. Noora Hassan
23. Rania Sadiq
24. Reem Adel
25. Robert Aaron
27. Shahad Hussam
28. Subhan Sadiq
29. Theola johnes


1. The World Alzheimer’s Day 2015 Table Tennis Fun Tournament will be played in mixed gender, singles event under the following *AGE categories:

Veterans (45 years old and above)

Adults (18 years old and above)

Minors (17 years old and below)

*Participants shall present any identification as proof of age

2. All interested participants must register online and fill in all the required details. Participants are encouraged to declare their skill level with utmost honesty and sportsmanlike intention. Participants may be subjected to screening to validate their declared skill level.

3. Deadline of on-line registration is only until 08 September 2015, at 6PM Dubai time.

4. Site is located at the Ground Floor, Festival Square – DUBAI FESTIVAL CITY MALL.

5. Two day tournament will be on 11th-12th September 2015. On-site registration for both days starts at 10am.

6. Tournament schedule is from11am – 7:30pm. Awarding ceremony starts at 8pm

7. The tournament per category will start on a Group Stage – Round Robin System consisting of 4 players subjective to the actual number of participants per category. The Top 2 players in their respective groups will advance to the Knockout Stage.

8. The Group Stage will be played in the best of 3 games. The Knockout stage and Semi Finals matches on all categories will be played in the best of 3 games.

9. In the event when there will be a simple tie in the Group Stage, the rule of Win over the Other will be used. If there are more than one tie, the point system method will be used. The number of sets won less the number or sets lost will be the deciding factor.

10.All rules are subject to change and or sudden upgrade by the committee as per situation occurs. In the event when disputes over the rules arise, the decision of the 4get-me-not Tournament Organizers will be considered as final. This tournament encourages friendship and sportsmanship to all. All players are requested to show utmost cooperation and camaraderie to each and everyone. A spirit of fellowship and trust existing between all the table tennis communities should be the highlight of this tournament.

11. All other basic rules not covered in this regulation are based on the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) rules.


1. All players are requested to show up on time and dressed accordingly.

2. All players are advised to provide their own racket. If none, a racket may be borrowed on site.

3. Players and their supporters are requested to minimize unnecessary noise, movements and stir that could cause unpleasant interruptions to the playing individuals.

4.Food and beverage (except bottled water) is not allowed at all times in the tournament site. Everyone is encouraged to keep the vicinity. Trash boxes are provided at their respective places of DUBAI FESTIVAL CITY MALL for your convenience and sanitary purposes.

5. Players and their supporters are advised not to use any flash lights or any light instruments that could hamper the visual effectiveness of the players during game situations. Mobile phones and audio devices other than the ones sanctioned by the 4get-me-not Alzheimer’s Tournament Organizers are to be kept on silent or to the lowest possible volume in order not to cause any distractions.

6. For inquiries during the tournament, please proceed to the 4get-me-not Alzheimer’s Registration Table or look for Tournament Support Representatives onsite – Lester or Vivian.

7. Tournament Volunteer Support

Dubai Contact: Lester (050 3791512)

Abu Dhabi Contact: Vivian (055 8981428)