ADTTA – The 5th Battle Amateur Open Tournament


Affiliation of Dynamic Table Tennis Athletes The 5th Battle Amateur Open Tournament
Date: October 25, 2013 : Time 9:00am

Tournament Rules and Regulations:

1.All participants are encouraged to proceed to the tournament venue on time as stated.

2.All participants are requested to pay the tournament entry fee of AED 100 to the table committee as soon as he/she arrives in the tournament venue.

3.First time participants in an ADTTA organized tournament whose playing skills have not yet been verified are subjected to confirmation by the tournament committee to establish the sincerity of their declared playing category.

4.This tournament is endorsed for unity and harmony for all table tennis enthusiasts. Participants are encouraged to show utmost sportsmanship and camaraderie throughout the duration of the tournament.

5.All participants, supporters and spectators are requested to adhere to cleanliness and orderliness as per regulations stated by the management of the tournament venue. All garbage must be secured and disposed of properly.

6.All participants, supporters and spectators are requested to maintain order and support a friendly atmosphere in and out of the tournament venue.

7. All participants, supporters and spectators who will be using digital cameras are advised to turn off their flashes in order not to interfere with the proper playing condition. Strong light coming from the flashes of cameras will disrupt vision of the players and will cause agitation. As so, laser pointers and other disturbing light devices are discouraged from being brought and utilized inside the tournament venue.

8.Any participants, supporters and spectators who will be found deliberately violating any rules and regulations as stated herein, conducting mischievous acts and showing gross disrespect to other participants, spectators and to the committee itself will be dealt with accordingly. Depending on the graveness of his/her offense, the perpetrator will be asked to leave the venue and/or will be banned from joining any future events organized by the same committee.

Tournament System:

1.The tournament will be based on a Double Elimination bracketing format.

2.There will be 4 categories to be played in this tournament: Classes A, B+, B and C.

3.The bracketing format will be based upon the actual number of registered participants.

4.Before the start of the tournament, the committee will be the one to conduct the actual draw of playing numbers for all participants. This is a necessary action in order to minimize time lost. All participants will be assured that the draw will be done in an honest and precise manner.

5.Winners’ bracket will be played in a best of 5 sets format.

6.Losers’ bracket will be played in a best of 3 sets format.

7.A player who will sustain two losses will be eliminated from the tournament.

8.The Player who will reach finals without losing a game will play with a twice to beat advantage (best of 5 sets per match as necessary) over an opponent coming from the losers’ bracket.

9.All participants are advised to be attentive and listen to the public address system as their names are being called upon. There will be a lunch break to be announced during the actual tournament. All games will be suspended and resumed as per the necessary time table. Special considerations are given to those participants who will be attending to their routine praying commitments. As so, such participants are encouraged to inform the committee in advance in order to make any necessary adjustments in the playing schedules.

10.Trophies and other special prizes will be awarded to the lucky winners as governed by the tournament committees and sponsors.

GOOD LUCK TO US ALL……..May the Best Participants win!

(ADTTA Family Joint Forces)

ADTTA President : Sicat Vivz
Coach & Senior Adviser: Richard-ike Lim
Senior Adviser & Committee Officer: Leo Trillo
Committee Officer: Joel Gundao
Coach & Committee Officer: Martin Dohnal

Table Official:

1. Vivian Sicat
2. Dondon Bañares
3. Pao Espiritu Aduna
4. JEnnylyn AlmAzan
5. Joel Gundao
6. Gohar Zaman
7. Jaymee Yanga
8. Macey Valencia
9. Albie Carangan
10.Joseph Pagado

Registration Fee In-charge:

1. Jaymee Yanga
2. Ana Maria Flandez Vallejo

The Voice (MC):

1. Gohar Zaman
2. Macey Valencia

Cameraman & Photographer:

1. Art Ubando
2. Jose Rey Paz Panaguiton
3. Aga Mulat
4. Joseph Pagado


1. Tarek Ghannoum
2. Dondon Banares


1.Jen Almazan
2. Pao Espiritu
3. Macey Valencia
4. Jaymee Yanga

Committee Umpire Class A

1. Mr Kang
2.Joel Gundao
4.Dondon Banares
5.Srijith Bhaskaran
6.Sydney Barretto
7.Hamada Koshi
8.Mukai Nobuaki
9.Mike Thenofol
10.Kamal Muludi

Committee Umpire Class B+

1.Roy Arcilla
2.Anas Gamal
3.Jerome Caircross
4.ignatius prashanth
5.zarksis khandhadia
6.Paul Tampong d’great
7. LA

Committee Umpire Class B

2.Renato Silla
3.Wael sayed
4.Joel Oller
5.Bachir Chakar
6.Terence Menard Ramos
7.Bebot Gargaceran
8.Edward Roxas

Committee Umpire Class C

1.Nada Kaysi
2.Albie Jon R. Carangan
3.Nicoleta Profir
5.Joyce Balboa
6.Alfred Vallejo
7.Jonathan Arcega
8. Even Garcia

Thank you for the following sponsors on October 25, 2013 ADTTA 5th Tournament

AJ Brothers Table Tennis Accessories & Apparels & ADTTA TT Store Online Shopping
Joseph Pagado / Martin Dohnal / Dondon Banares

Major Homes
Kurt Jocel Liberato

WIT Solution / Web Developer
Dondon Banares

Berlin Health Consultancy
Martin Dohnal
Cristina Shawky
Azza Shawky

Zayed Higher Organization – Venue

Thank you very much from ADTTA FAMILY