ADTTA Tag Team Tournament’s Championship Result

Class A Team Event Champion
Mohannad El Yamani & Haider 1st Runner Up
Navin Kumar Aidasani & Ravish Tripathi 2nd Runner Up
Dondon Bañares & Mike Thenofool

Class B+ Champion –
Dondon & Mike 1st Runner Up –
Ignatius Prashanth & Sreejith 2nd Runner Up –
Joseph A. Pagado & Aga Mulat

Class B Champion
Ashraf & Ahmad Iell 1st Runner Up
Zosimo Jr Maternal & Joel 2nd Runner Up –
Bachir & Mansoor

Class C – Single
Champion – Diraj
1st Runner Up Yogesh
2nd Runner Up – Sanny

Class C Team Event
Diraj & Sanny

Mixed Single A/B+
Champion – Ravish
1st Runner Up -Kamal
2nd Runner Up – Navin Aga

Mixed Single C/B
Champion – Ashraf
1st Runner Up – Ahmad
2nd Runner Up – Bebot Mansoor

Congratulations to all ………. FYI …the actual category of Dondon & Mike is Class B+ ,,,, but the participants in CLass A are less and participants in B+ are 6 so we let them play in both event . And also they pay extra for another event ….