Martin Dohnal (offer training to all ADTTA-Members)


Dear ADTTA members.

Also in the future I will offer training to all ADTTA-Members, of course to the “kids” and to all the others who are interested in.

Training content for the kids:

The KIDS will get a specific training, tailored to each individual. In addition to the technical training I place particular importance on the tactical training. I will also regularly offer technical training with the “table tennis robot”. Video analysis will continue to be an integral part of the training.

The ADULTS should please think about how they want to create their training. I can also provide you an individual training, if you like I could just be your training partner / sparring partner. Tell me if you want to improve your technique, do you have tactical problems or want just to play? Talk to me!


I will communicate in the future with WhatsApp and SMS.
Everyone who is interested should send me an SMS or a WhatsApp message.
I will put you in the distributor and keep you informed in due time before the next training.

Happy Ping-Pong
Martin (050 817 55 46)